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22 July 2008: Parlour finishing touches. Fitting our small but efficient Jotul stove and curtains printed specially for the parlour by Laura Davies. Plus a marble-effect paint finishing workshop with local expert Adam Sutherland.

June 2008: Self-insulating chairs by Mud Office on permanent loan for Parkamoor parlour as part of Grizedale's developing design collection. Produced by Mud Office at the Rennes Biennial, based on a design by Charlie Jeffery developed at a remote rural art centre in France 'Au bout du plongeoir'. The green extruded polystyrene armchair reflects your body heat so efficiently you'll start to sweat. Mud Office | Design collection
| Au bout du plongeoir, France

4th - 11th July 2008: During the Coniston Water Festival, Protoacademy's Steven Duval and students from Oxford Brookes University stay at Parkamoor and labour at Lawson Park garden as part of a work exchange. Coniston Water Festival | Steven Duval

Summer 2008: Low Parkamoor has a busy summer ahead with residencies

02 February 2008: The Wonderful North, Guestroom and Jay Yung stay over to carbon offset their forthcoming research visit to China. The Wonderful North | Carbon offsetting at Grizedale

August 2007: Lime-plastering and bespoke furniture installation in parlour. Illustrated sliding shelf panels (in oak and cherry veneer) by Dan Robinson depicting scenes at Parkamoor and a folding writing desk by Bryan Davies (inspired by Ettore Sotsass) are finally installed following their mini-break in Liverpool and Lausanne. Phillip Pettler from Leeds band 'The Terminals' does guest plastering. Dan Robinson | Bryan Davies
| The Terminals

25 October 2007: Installation of green PVC flooring in parlour. A previous version we ordered looked awful, this one looks better - kind of National Trust heritage meets Schipol airport.

July 29th 2007: Labour Swap with Castlefield gallery staff. Thinking Space for the North closes Castlefield Gallery for one day to take staff on an overnight visit to Low Parkamoor to engage in physical labour. Jobs included painting shutters, eco-loo and interior walls, installing the parlour stove and building a new wall to keep out sheep
photos on flickr | Castlefield exhibition info

July 12th 2007: Discussion about Low Parkamoor with Adam Sutherland and Alistair Hudson at Castlefield Gallery

July: Princes Drawing School residential visit

June 30th - August 12th 2007: Exhibition, 'To the Left of the Rising Sun' at Castlefield Gallery, Manchester we have swapped a barn door from Low Parkamoor for the gallery invigilators desk | Castlefield exhibition info

May: Pump up and running, parlour interior begins to take shape

April: New windows and shutters! Volunteer labour weekend

March: Renovated Sefton range re-installed

February 2nd - March 10th 2007: Group Exhibition 'The Return of the Seven Samurai' at Galerie Lucy Mackintosh, Lausanne, Switzerland includes photographs and furniture from the Low Parkamoor collection | Lucy Mackintosh exhibition info

October 19th 2006: Served a scouse (stew) from a Saxon revival pot made by Lynn Wait at the opening of the Biennial conference event at Static, Liverpool. Part of Cecilia Andersson's Supersocial programme | Supersocial | feature on /Seconds

14th September - 26th November 2006: Exhibition 'Grizedale Arts - Virtual Grizedale' opens at Greenland Street, Liverpool, featuring furniture and interior schemes for Low Parkamoor parlour. Commissioned by A Foundation for the Liverpool Biennial, the new designs include a Bureau by Artist House and a panelling system by Dan Robinson | Liverpool Exhibition press release (doc)

3rd March 2006: Exhibition opens at Artist House, Leeds, of photography by Polly Braden with TSN. Polly Braden won the Jerwood Photography prize in 2003. This show is a backdrop for workshops and new partnerships towards developing Thinking Space for the North. Exhibition runs till 30th April 2006 | Leeds Exhibition press release (pdf)