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Background Info
Welcome to Thinking Space for the North, located at Low Parkamoor, a remote and previously derelict farmhouse in the English Lake District. We are developing the site and its imaginative future through hands-on renovation work, designs and new dialogues.

22 July 2008: Parlour finishing touches
June 2008: Mud Office design self-insulating chairs
4th - 11th July 2008:Protoacademy natural dialogue work exchange
02 February 2008: The Wonderful North and Guestroom stay over
25 October 2007: Installation of green PVC floor in parlour
August 2007: Lime-plastering and bespoke furniture installation in parlour
28 July 2007: Labour Swap with Castlefield Gallery staff
29 June - 12 Aug 2007: 'To the Left of the Rising Sun' Castlefield, Manchester
Spring 2007: The house is shaping up - new windows, range, pump and beds